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Professional Blower Door Testing in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

“I Now Know That I Got the Best Insulation Product in Town”

“Gunner General Contracting did a phenomenal job. They are so kind and courteous. They are very good about team work and helping each other. All of them were double checking things and assisting one another to keep the job going.

I am so impressed by their professionalism.  They all told me they have been in the business for some time. They know their stuff and educated me on insulation.  I now know that I got the best insulation product in town.  I got to check out the attic when the foam was installed.

I am very thankful for your team doing such a fine job on my home.  I highly recommend Gunner General Contracting to do your home.”

— Cecilia R.

What Is a Blower Door Test?

During a blower door test, a technician will use a large fan to remove air from the house. As air exits, the air pressure in the house decreases and outside air is pulled inside through leaks. The technician can then determine where air is coming in and out of your home.

Why Test Building Tightness?

The tighter your home is, the less air will pass in and out, which makes it easier to maintain the temperature and air quality of your home. A blower door test identifies the weak spots in your house so that you can add more insulation or repair small holes.

How Can Our Team Help?

Gunner General Contracting supplies the equipment and the expertise to accurately test your home. Our state-of-the-art equipment works effectively, and our well-trained employees will find the trouble spots and let you know the potential solutions. If you’re worried about your energy use, call us or click here to reach out.

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