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“Glad we chose Gunner Insulation! They removed the old mouse insulation. They added new R50 insulation and did a professional job. The workmen were friendly, knowledgeable and polite. Our house is much warmer, the utility bills are less and no ice dams this winter!!!  A Great Local Company To Chose!  Thank You !”

— Lynn J

Why Do You Need Concrete Jacking?

Over time, soil shifts and compacts, which affects the concrete on top of the soil. As the soil adjusts, the concrete will begin to sink and shift along with it. In these conditions, concrete quickly becomes dangerous to you and your property as the uneven surface affects how water drains from the surface and increases the risk of injuries.

How Does It Work?

Concrete jacking restores the even surface by filling in the soil underneath the concrete. The process is simple; we drill a hole in the center of the concrete to lift up the concrete and pump a substance, usually foam, into the space. Foam is often the most effective substance to use because it creates a stronger foundation that won’t change shape or shift.

What Is Deep Foamjection?

At Gunner General Contracting, we frequently use Deep Foamjection to complete concrete jacking. The polyurethane foam is incredibly effective at resolving concrete sinking, and it creates a long lasting solution to the problem. With this technique, we can inject foam at virtually any level to resolve soil issues at any depth.

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