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Learn About Ice Dams in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

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What Are Ice Dams?

When snow begins to melt, the water will often refreeze as it reaches the edge of the roof. The ice then blocks the edges and gutters of the roof and makes it difficult for any other melted snow to run off of the roof. The extra moisture will then back up under your shingles and enter your home, ruining your insulation and often causing leaks and other damage.

How Do You Prevent Ice Dams?

Warm air in the attic is usually the main culprit of ice dams, so the best preventative method is to ensure your insulation and ventilation are effective all year long. With proper insulation, the heat from your home won’t reach the roof and cause the snow to melt too quickly. To learn more about how you can prevent ice dams this year, call our team.

How Can You Eliminate Ice Dams?

If you’re dealing with ice dams on your property, the fastest way to eliminate them is by melting the ice with heat. There are multiple ways you can heat up the ice. One of the most effective is by using a steamer. The hot steam will melt the ice and send the water off of your roof. You can also install heat cables to produce a similar effect.

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Dealing With Ice Dams?